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    Why should I find my next caregiver through Language Nannies®?

    Capture your child’s prime time to learn a new language. Let Language Nannies® find a caregiver who speaks their language with business-standard proficiency. At Language Nannies®, we know how children acquire second language skills. Through Language Nannies® Director Francois Thibaut — Director/Founder of Manhattan’s respected Language Workshop for Children® — we’ve specialized in the field for more than 45 years. Immerse your child in another language the right way, and he’ll learn to speak it.

    Is a Language Nanny appropriate for infants or newborn?

    This is the very best age!! Infant’s brains are programmed to mimic everything they see and hear, so with a trained Language Nanny your baby can start to absorb and retain all of the sounds and meanings of his parents’ language, and his foreign language-speaking nanny’s too.

    What if I want another language other than French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, or English?

    These are the most commonly requested languages, but if we believe that a search for another language will be fruitful, we’re happy to be of service.

    Where do you find the candidates?

    As a well-established educational program, The Language Workshop hears from foreign-language speakers who want to work with children, every day. If they have caregiver experience, child-care training, or impress us with their energy and articulation we invite them to visit our Language Nannies website and apply. Other candidates independently visit our website and apply.

    Are your candidates screened?

    Yes. First, our background check includes identity verification, as well as social security number, address history, national criminal background, and national sex offender traces. Second, we ask for two reference letters from former employers. Depending on the age of the children, we may also ask a candidate to provide us with more references. Finally, after you review the background check and hire your nanny, Language Nannies is released.

    May I request additional screenings?

    For an extra charge, optional background check services are possible such as a motor vehicle records search, drug or medical testing, educational verification, a psychological profile and/or a physical examination.

    How do you check the nannies’ language skills?

    An articulate, native speaker of the same language talks with a viable candidate to assess that person’s grammar, vocabulary, and usage.

    What are Language Nanny qualifications?

    In addition to good language skills, we look for somebody who loves and understands children, has experience caring for or teaching the young, is energetic, motivated, compassionate, responsible, and most of all, warm.

    Do Language Nannies speak English?

    For safety’s sake, we look for candidates who are capable of expressing basic information and warnings in English, both verbally and in writing.

    What kind of care does a Language Nanny offer?

    A Language Nanny offers all of the traditional nanny services, but most importantly – magically immerses a child in French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or another great language — in a way that’s appropriate for that youngster’s age and learning style. In due time your child absorbs, retains, responds, and learns to speak his new language too.

    Can my Language Nanny take on domestic duties?

    Yes. A Language Nanny takes care of the home duties a regular nanny can be asked to do, depending on the age of the child(ren) and the working time they are offered. This includes, but is not limited to, basic home cleaning, cooking and laundry care.

    Can my Language Nanny help with homework?

    A Language Nanny can take on any task that would be asked of a regular nanny, including homework help — in English.

    What is Language Nannies'® role in the hiring process?

    Before we start your search, you meet with the Program Director and the person in charge of your file. We want a crystal clear understanding of your needs and wants. Our mission is to select the most suitable native speaker for your family. But of course, the ultimate hiring decision is up to you.

    Who is the Nanny’s employer?

    Though Language Nannies® takes care of the search, you are the nanny’s employer.

    Who decides the Nanny’s salary?

    You do, along with any benefits. We simply ask you to provide us with the hourly rate or salary range that you’re comfortable paying so that we can search for a nanny in that range.

    Is my information given to the candidates?

    We do not disclose identifying information to a candidate until you are ready to meet with them.

    When do I meet the candidates and how?

    We do not advise families to meet candidates at home. We provide space for interviewing, at no additional cost.

    How far in advance should I look for a Language Nanny?

    Finding the right Language Nanny takes time, effort and luck, so it’s best to start your search two to three months in advance. The language you choose makes a difference, too. Finding a French or Mandarin Chinese-speaking nanny can be more difficult than finding a Spanish-speaking one.

    What is the Language Nannies® guarantee?

    In the event of separation in the employment relationship between a Candidate and the Client, for any reason, Language Nannies® will provide a credit to Client to be used toward 1 future long-term search as follows:

    Within 60 (sixty) days of the start of paid employment: credit of 75% (seventy-five percent) of the Referral Fee will apply toward a new search.
    Within 61-120 (sixty-one and one hundred-twenty) days of the start of paid employment: credit of 50% (fifty percent) of the Referral fee will apply toward a new search.
    Within 121-180 (one hundred twenty-one and one hundred eighty) days of the start of paid employment: credit of 25% (twenty-five percent) of the Referral Fee will apply toward a new search.
    Within 271-365 (two hundred seventy-one and three hundred sixty-five) days of the start of paid employment: credit of 10% (ten percent) of the Referral fee will apply toward a new search.

    Foreign Language: The Language Workshop For Children
    Learning a second language enhances a child’s awareness of her primary one. And the similarities and differences between the languages help her understand the sounds, the words, and the rules for putting sentences together. ‘Plus, the more words a child hears by 2, the more her vocabulary will grow,’ says Cindy Kennedy Reedy, a child-development specialist at Arcadia University, in Glenside, Pennsylvania. “These classes engage babies with short, language-based activities that incorporate song and dance.”
    – Parents Magazine

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