Getting Started: The Nanny Search

  • Step 1: Apply

    Call us at 212-628-2700 or sign up online using our I am Looking for a Language Nanny sign up form.

    Step 2: Family Questionnaire, Referral Agreement + Deposit

    You complete and forward the Family Specifications Questionnaire and Referral Agreement forwarded to you with a $290 Deposit (if you have not already done so).

    Step 3: Family Interview

    We usually do this by phone. This is our opportunity to get more insight about the qualities you want in a nanny as well as a brief job description.  We talk about language goals, schedules, activities, personalities, habits, values, sensitivities, lifestyles, as well as your children.  Afterwards we have a better picture of your needs and can start looking for possible matches.

    Step 4: Nanny Interviews

    We undertake the labor-intensive search process for you.  That means that we place ads in multiple venues and field calls from many, many candidates.  Those who impress us as intelligent, articulate, and experienced are screened again by an LWFC teacher to check that their language skills are up to par.  Finally, only the most qualified meet personally with François Thibaut, and then only one out of five are referred on to meet your family.

  • “And judging by a recent visit, they leave with a working vocabulary and an accent parents will envy. Thibaut uses action games so that youngsters learn to take direction in French, skits to sharpen communication skills, plus workbooks and tapes.”
    – New York Magazine

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  • Step 5: Job Offer

    When you find a nanny you want to hire, be sure to advise Language Nannies® of your choice immediately.

    Step 6: Background Check

    At this point we thoroughly check references and hire a third-party specialist to conduct a Background Check. This usually takes about four or five days.

    Step 7: Nanny Arrives

    Your new nanny starts caring for your family and brings the joys of language into your home.